Eeppo 1.03

No Image Help Eeppo free their homeland Harmonia through 16 engaging scenarios and 10 unique enemies. Eeppo is a mouse driven action strategy game, where you guide armies of little creatures call Eeppo to their freedom. Eeppo need your wits to help them overcome obstacles in their quest for freedom. Eeppo is fun for everyone. Simple mouse driven control allows even beginner to videogame to easily pick up the game and have fun without any hassle.

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Bolt Brain Teasers 1.0.2

Bolt Brain Teasers is the most challenging puzzle game ever made claimed Eve Bolt. She employed many different obstacles that require specific actions to overcome. The challenges are packed in over 125 brain-crunching maze like levels for anyone daring enough to get lost in them. Are you up for the challenge? Can you overcome the new era of puzzles? Can you escape the maze once you are in?

games, windows, children, scarsoft, teasers, training, free, bolt, demos, brain, kids, nonviolent, puzzle

Pattern Panics! 1.02: Build and solve over 250 fun levels in this unique puzzle game
Pattern Panics! 1.02

Pattern Panics! is a very simple puzzle game. The player must create pattern from the tile that drops from the top. Wide variety of different patterns gives many different challenges from easy to difficult. Pattern Panics! can be learned very quickly, and offers many hours of play time. Play more than 250 challenging levels in Pattern Panics!

games, windows, strategy, children, nonviolent, kids, scarsoft, puzzle, pattern, panics, shareware, demos, logic

Zerogear 1.01: Eight robots, frantic combats, many hours of fun to be the Zerogear Champion!
Zerogear 1.01

Eight robots, frantic combats, many hours of fun to become the Zerogear Champion! Zerogear is fun for all ages. Its simplicity makes it great for first timer to fighting game genre. Each robot features selection of moves to provide variety of strategies to be explored, yet not overwhelming. User can challenge another player in the two-player mode. Zerogear features 3D graphics and exciting combat animation.

games, windows, children, scarsoft, mech, demos, zero, arcade, robot, fighting, zerogear, kids, nonviolent

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Swiibee 1.0.0

Swiibee is a collection of 30 addictive match 3 games with focus on chain and combo like domino effect. Swiibee features a game board filled with cute cartoon characters face and sound. Control is very simple and intuitive and easy to learn in seconds. Match three or more faces to free that character. Work your way to free the allotted goal for the board to finish the game. The more chains you create the higher your score will be.

games, windows, strategy, children, scarsoft, match 3, free, demos, arcade, swiibee, kids, nonviolent, puzzle

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